Excursion to Nevado de Toluca 

Xinantécatl, Pico del Fraile 4,680 meters.

Ascenderemos a la cumbre del Nevado de Toluca, partiremos desde los 3,800 msnm aproximadamente, llegando hasta los 4,680 msnm al pico del Fraile, por la ruta cañada del oso, con vistas simplemente únicas en México.

We will ascend to the summit of the Nevado de Toluca, we will start from 3,800 meters, reaching up to 4,680 meters at El Fraile peak, along the route Cañada del oso, with views that are unique in Mexico.

Your expedition Include:

  • Complete gear (Crampons, piolet, helmet and trekking sticks).

  • Specific attention, guides with radios, GPS, first aid kit and safety equipment.

  • Round trip transportation to meeting points.


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